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Blanket Wrapped Services

At Piedmont Moving Systems, we care about your valuable items and will go above and beyond to protect them during a local, long-distance or international move. Additionally, we’re gung ho about preserving our beautiful environment, so we take a more green approach to covering heavy-duty items, wrapping them in blankets instead of using wasteful wooden crates and plastic wrap. We’ve come to find that our San Jose blanket-wrapped services are perfect for transporting most equipment in a more cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.

Our Process

This isn’t as simple as tossing some blankets over your valuables and calling it a day; there’s a science to our process.

  • Step 1: Before accepting the job, we need to do some homework. This involves checking out the potential customer’s address and destination to make sure our trucks can fit on a nearby street or into their docks. We also need the contact’s phone number so we can call 24 hours in advance to learn of any important concerns and pick a good time for our crew to arrive.
  • Step 2: We’ll inspect the item(s) in question to determine whether or not they can be effectively blanket wrapped.
  • Step 3: Our San Jose specialized movers will carefully apply padding to the equipment, and then tightly wrap it in blankets to ensure maximum protection.
  • Step 4: Once step three is finished, we’ll gently move your item(s) into one of our trucks or air-ride vans. We’ll securely apply straps to prevent any movement during the drive.
  • Step 5: When we arrive, we’ll safely remove the equipment from the vehicle and place it at your specified location. We’ll remove the blankets and padding and it will be ready to use at your new location.

Our Added Value

On top of keeping your items protected during transit, our blanket-wrapped services in San Jose provide a number of additional benefits. Here is the added value you can expect:

  • Eco Friendly: Crating or plastic wrapping your equipment is not only a poor unnecessary use of resources; it greatly contributes to the pollution of our Earth. Most of the time, the remnants of crates and plastic wrap end up clogging landfills. Blankets work just as effectively and are reusable so your move won’t contribute to harmful waste.
  • Cost Effective: In addition to being wasteful, crates and plastic wrap can be expensive. Depending on how large or obscure your machinery is, a crate can cost up to and over $2,000. Blankets are a much cheaper alternative and get the job done just as effectively. Most importantly, there are no extra charges to this offering!
  • Time Saving: When choosing our San Jose blanket-wrapped services, rest easy knowing your equipment will remain in the vehicle from origin to destination. Most companies will use multiple trucks and transfer the items between them. This is incredibly time consuming and can even result in damages. Also, blanket wrapping results in no debris, so there will be no mess to clean after everything is all said and done.

Our Unique Services

In addition to our blanket-wrapped services in San Jose, Piedmont offers a slew of unique services to help with your relocation. Some of these include:

When choosing Piedmont Moving Systems for your extraordinary relocation job, our drivers will come prepared to handle your fixtures, electronics, machinery and any other heavy or delicate items. Give us a call or fill out our online form to receive your free quote today!

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