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Medical Equipment Movers

Who do you call on when you need to move million dollar medical robots and other expensive, fragile medical equipment? Piedmont Moving Systems! For years, we’ve been a top choice for medical equipment movers and healthcare logistics from coast to coast. Hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, labs, and others have turned to us to ensure safe, efficient delivery of their most valuable, sensitive items.

Thanks to our expertly trained staff and extreme care, we have yet to lose a patient! Instead, the x-ray machines, MRI equipment and, yes, million dollar robots have reached their destinations in pristine condition. When you need medical equipment movers, turn to the expertise of Piedmont Moving Systems.

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As an agent of Mayflower Van Lines, we have access to the best moving equipment from coast to coast. No matter where you need your equipment moved to or from, we can handle it. Your equipment can be delivered in secure trucks, flatbeds, or specialized vans—we have whatever type of transportation is best for your equipment. Trust Piedmont Moving Systems to handle:

  • Health Care Logistics: From planning the long-distance move of your medical or lab equipment to providing safe, secure warehouse solutions, Piedmont Moving Systems has the services you need.
  • Medical Equipment: MRI machines, dialysis machines, surgical equipment, hospital beds, and other equipment should only be moved by experienced professionals like those at Piedmont.
  • Lab Equipment: Our hospital movers can also safely handle sensitive lab equipment and ensure it arrives in perfect condition.
  • High Value Shipping: High-dollar equipment, computer servers, and software systems are in capable hands with our moving experts.

No matter where you are in the country, we can manage your moving and hospital logistics projects. When transporting your high-dollar medical equipment, call on the tested and proven services of Piedmont Moving Systems. Contact us today to speak to a relocation specialist, or fill out our online contact to set up a time to discuss your project.

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