As businesses expand and the need for reliable moving and storage solutions grows, the significance of security in the logistics industry cannot be overstated. At Piedmont Moving, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your valuable items, whether in transit or within our storage facilities. Here's an in-depth look at how we ensure unparalleled security at every step.

Comprehensive Employee Verification

At Piedmont Moving Systems, we take great pride in our team. Every individual you interact with is a direct employee of our company. This means we do not rely on contractors who may not be fully aligned with our stringent security protocols. By having a dedicated staff, we maintain consistent professional service and accountability.

Rigorous Background Checks

We value the trust you place in us, so we go the extra mile to ensure that our employees are skilled and trustworthy. Each employee has passed a thorough background check and drug screening before joining the Piedmont family. This rigorous process ensures that responsible and reliable individuals handle your belongings.

Constant Surveillance

Our security measures extend beyond our trustworthy team. We have installed closed-circuit cameras at all entry and exit points within and around our warehouse. This allows us to monitor comings and goings continuously, ensuring there is always an eye on your valuables.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Our management team can supervise the warehouse environment from their homes or via a mobile app, 24/7/365. This capability ensures that we can react promptly to irregularities, safeguarding your items every minute of every day, all year round.

Dock Area Surveillance

The dock area is a hub of activity and a critical point in the security chain. Our cameras here capture every item unloaded from or loaded onto trucks. This helps prevent theft or loss but also assists in maintaining a detailed log of items for tracking purposes.

Detailed Inventory System

When your freight arrives at our facility, it's not just stored away. Every piece is photographed as it comes off the truck, and these images are uploaded to our inventory system along with the date, time, carrier, and bill of lading information. This meticulous process ensures we have a visual and digital record of your items upon receipt.

Advanced Inventory Management

Storage efficiency is critical to security. All items in our warehouse are inventoried and stored using a barcode location system. This precision allows for quick retrieval and reduces the risk of misplacement or damage, ensuring that your items are secure and well-organized.

After-Hours Security Measures

We have an advanced after-hours security system with motion detectors and door alarms. Any unauthorized entry into the building is immediately reported to the police, providing an additional layer of security to prevent break-ins and theft.

Our Final Line of Defense

All bells and whistles aside, if the above measures fail, we can always revert to the original security system we installed when we started in 1981: a hungry, mean dog in the back next to a safe full of loaded firearms. Your product will be safe at Piedmont, even in the zombie apocalypse. 

At Piedmont Moving Systems, we understand security and actively work to stay ahead of the curve when safeguarding your belongings. Our dedication to security is one of the many reasons businesses across Silicon Valley and beyond trust us with their logistics and warehousing needs. If your business has an overflow of inventory you need stashed away, don't hesitate to call us today and get a FREE quote