There are many reasons why a data center may need to be relocated in San Jose. From environmental concerns to logistics like finding employees, many commercial data center owners find it impossible to stay in their current location. Here are some reasons why a data center may relocate:

  • Natural Disaster Risks
  • Expansion Required
  • Operating Costs
  • Employee Retention

Environment and Natural Disaster Risks

In a dry, combustible climate like California, many buildings need to be built in locations that are safe from wildfire risks. This is just one of the concerns for data center owners in San Jose. The Silicon Valley region can also fall victim to earthquakes and flash flooding. Relocating the data center to a safer location is one way to protect precious resources from being destroyed by natural disasters.

Building Expansion Required

Relocating a business can be a great thing if it's due to expansion. As the data center grows and requires more equipment, space can become limited. This is one of the most common reasons why data centers need to relocate to a parcel of land or building that can support the business's exponential growth.

Reducing Operating Costs

As areas of San Jose become more popular, the cost of operating a business can increase. Relocating a data center to a more affordable part of the city or country is a great way to save on operating costs. A data center may be cheaper to operate elsewhere for the following benefits:

  • Lower Taxes
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Reduced Insurance Costs

Hiring and Keeping Employees

When opening a business like a data center, there needs to be a large team of employees to keep the place running efficiently. If a data center is experiencing a high employee turnover rate or is having a hard time finding employees, it may be time for a relocation to a more populated area with qualified candidates.

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