When it comes to handling challenging logistics, we here at Piedmont Moving Systems have you covered. Take our most recent client challenge for example: a top-notch car company came to us with a need to ship a super secret, super performance car to a major auto show while keeping the details of the vehicle under wraps and not letting anyone see it.

Clean, Spacious Warehouse

The car is obviously a very valuable asset, being the premiere model set to roll out on a timed marketing schedule at a major auto show in Las Vegas. The client needed to assure the safety and protection of the vehicle, while also guaranteeing discretion. The client chose Piedmont because of our spacious, clean warehousing that gave the client a private workspace.

 Also due to this timed marketing schedule, the client needed to guarantee that the car would be delivered by a very strict schedule; Piedmont was more than capable of obliging to this distribution schedule by storing the car safely and then delivering it successfully on time.

International Reach

Originally, the car shipped from France, making Piedmont yet again the perfect choice for this client, due to our international reach and ability to work with international partners to coordinate national delivery. Along with the car came two other truckloads of crates of equipment from China and France.

Because the crate the vehicle came in was so heavy, Piedmont acquired a heavy-duty forklift to securely get the crate off of the flatbed truck it was travelling on. Then, Piedmont’s trained movers set up rigging skates to help move the heavy crate around the warehouse to its designated space.

Thanks to Piedmont’s trained professional crews, state-of-the-art equipment and storage facilities, and international affiliates, the client’s challenging request was completed without issue, safely and privately getting the car to its necessary locations on schedule, without damage or breach of secrecy.