With a company like Mercedes, there’s a lot at stake when making a move. Luxury cars and specialty equipment aren’t cheap, so moving them with care is of the utmost importance. Recently, Mercedes built a new building across the street from their current San Jose facilities, so they needed a company they could trust to efficiently move a portion of their employees and equipment from one building to the other. Mercedes knew they could count on Piedmont Moving Systems because we are experts on relocation, high-value logistics, and commercial warehousing.

Here are a few things we handled for Mercedes during their move (and could handle during your move too!):

  • Building Protection: Both Mercedes’ older building and new building are beautiful inside and out, so it was important to keep them in top condition. We took special care to protect doorways, floors, and walls to ensure that the items and their surroundings remained as beautiful as they were prior to the move.
  • Office Transport: Transitioning employees from one office to the next is important in making sure there is little disruption to the work flow. For Mercedes, we moved their computers, monitors, and office supplies in an efficient manner so that work could start again as soon as possible.
  • Complete Set-Up: When items are set up in a particular manner in one location, it’s nice to know that they will be set up in a similar manner in the new space. For Mercedes, we took note of how things were arranged so that we could set up testing equipment and little parts just as they were in the previous location.

San Jose Commercial Logistics and Relocation

For any commercial move to be completed successfully, it helps to have a team of experienced professionals on your side that can assist with each step of the process. From specialty moving to corporate relocation, Piedmont Moving Systems is your complete San Jose logistics and moving provider.

To learn more about how we have assisted other companies and to see how we can assist you, fill out our online from to receive a free quote or give us a call to speak to a Logistics Coordinator today!