The beautiful Chaminade Resort & Spa is set on 300 mountaintop acres, only three miles from downtown Santa Cruz and about 4 miles from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. While this location offers unbeatable views and access to amenities, the mountain terrain can make renovations and other major projects on the resort a challenge—to say the least.

Chaminade Resort & Spa

Luckily, the pros at Piedmont Moving Systems weren’t deterred. As an award-winning company with more than 30 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, our team was well-prepared to help transform the Chaminade.

The massive renovation, scheduled to run from September 2015 through February 2016, entails receiving roughly 406,000 pieces of furniture, inventorying each item, warehousing and then delivering them as needed.

The trickiest part of the renovation so far has been the shuttling of shipments to their mountaintop destination. Between the rough terrain and wind on the way to the resort, Piedmont has counted on the help of Mayflower’s state of the art fleet and equipment to ensure that everything arrives safely and securely.

When shipments are not being transported, they are arriving at Piedmont’s secure warehouse facility for storage. Upon arrival, every item is meticulously inventoried and placed in vaulted storage or open racking space until it is ready to be shipped up to the resort.

Fully equipped with the latest fire and theft protection systems, in addition to camera surveillance and climate control, the staff at Chaminade can rest easy knowing that all of their new furniture is safe and sound during the renovation process.

The team at Piedmont Moving Systems is thrilled to be able to take on such an extensive renovation project. Our skills, equipment and great service speak for themselves! Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive service options and how we can help you get started on your next moving and storage project. Speak to one of our friendly representatives or fill out our quick online form to receive your FREE, no-obligation estimate.