The big move is just around the corner. You’ve already started researching moving companies in San Jose and stockpiling cardboard boxes galore. At this juncture, people usually begin to realize just how much stuff they really own and especially how much of it they don’t need. If this is your thought process, then Piedmont Moving Systems recommends having a moving sale! San Jose, California is the perfect location to have a moving yard/garage sale all year long!

Consider these five tips before getting started:

1. Organize Your Sale

Grouping your items by category or even by room will make it easier for shoppers to leave with multiple items rather than just one.

2. Individually Price Your Items

Save yourself time, trouble and money by individually pricing your items beforehand. To make things simpler, try selling sets of china, or other like-items, together.

3. Advertise!

If you have a lot to sell, local advertising in the form of neighborhood signs and flyers may not be enough. Consider advertising in your local newspaper or on Craigslist to attract more people!

4. Be Prepared to Greet Early Birds

Regardless of what time you advertise your sale to start, early birds will be there in advance to pick through the first string of goodies. You can greet these individuals with fresh coffee or scones – anything to match their enthusiasm for your sale.

5. Have Change Ready

If you’re expecting a large turnout, consider investing in a Secure Credit Card Terminal, which you could attach to your smart phone or laptop. Otherwise, make sure to go to the bank to get plenty of smaller bills and coins for your convenience (and that of your shoppers).

Your efforts should lighten the load for your friendly, neighborhood San Jose movers as well as your checkbook! Good Luck and be sure to visit Piedmont Moving Systems for more information on movers in San Jose, California!

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