Billion Dollar Company Chooses Piedmont for Months-Long Moving Project

Every business move has its challenges, but when you need to move several tons of fragile equipment from multiple locations you need to make sure you hire a data center moving company with a proven reputation to be able to handle complex relocations.

Such was the challenge faced by a multi-billion dollar, international technology and telecommunications company. As a cost-cutting measure, they had decided to consolidate several data centers. Several tons of sensitive equipment spread over four floors needed to be moved. Adding to the workload was the fact that all of the properties had to be returned to the owner completely clean and ready to rent.

It takes smart people to run a multi-billion dollar company, and their excellent decision making led them to choose Piedmont Moving Systems as their data center mover.

Logistics and Moving Professionals

Piedmont’s highly trained and experienced moving professionals inspire confidence in our clients. We have completed many technology moves, and we are familiar with the logistics and the proper handling of sensitive equipment. That’s why when companies of any size need a server mover or computer mover, they call us.

This months-long project was led by a dedicated move coordinator who organized, planned, and oversaw the execution of the relocation. In addition to handling the moving, storage, and debris removal, we also handled e-waste by ensuring that equipment that was no longer useful was sent to proper recycling organizations.

A Job Well Done

Piedmont Moving Systems handled all the details of this complex move so that our client could focus on their normal daily tasks. The job was completed on schedule and on-budget—and we earned another satisfied client. Our attention to details, complex skill set, and unmatched customer service made us the smart choice for this job—and for your next data center move. Whether you’re relocating a small server room, or a massive operation, Piedmont Moving Systems has the skills and experience to provide a hassle-free relocation.

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