Managing logistics and providing a solution for recovering, transporting, and properly disposing of reconditioned and recycled items is simple with Piedmont Moving Systems. In today’s growing market, it’s essential for businesses to place strong emphasis on San Jose recycling in order to help the environment and cut costs. UniGroup Logistics, Piedmont Moving Systems Logistics Partner, recently assisted a company in doing just that.

Reverse Logistics

What Was Needed

For this recently completed project, a national chain needed to find a reverse logistics provider that specialized in recycling. This project focused on recovery of over 3000 in cartridge refilling systems nationwide, with a single source of information to oversee the entire project. This project often encompassed localized retrieval of machines to make sure that responsible recycling and disposal was top priority. UniGroup Logistics worked tirelessly throughout this project to ensure simplicity and streamlined effectiveness.

Roadblocks We Faced

Multiple challenges were faced during this project, including:

  • Creating pickup services that cut costs while remaining efficient
  • Scheduling various load appointments with multiple locations
  • Properly maintaining all discarded machines for simplified commercial recycling in San Jose
  • Providing local storage of units
  • Creating one place for visibility with detailed information for each pickup

What We Did

Throughout the project, UniGroup Logistics provided a network of hauling and warehousing resources, making it easier to effectively manage the scheduling of local equipment within multiple locations. Each unit was then shipped and recorded, with multiple loads consolidated, to the exact recycling facility chosen by the logistics provider.

We Can Do the Same for You!

Piedmont Moving Systems, an agent of UniGroup Logistics, makes it simple to plan for services related to reverse logistics in San Jose. We offer a simple, cost-effective solution to manage both asset recovery and recycling, keeping all information updated in one centralized location for ease-of-access.

Our years of varied expertise in the logistics field ensure that we continually improve and provide peace of mind to numerous clients. When it’s time to plan your reverse logistics needs, contact Piedmont Moving Systems to learn more about our various services and customization options as well as submit a free online quote.