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Piedmont Moving Systems is the San Jose kitchen equipment moving company TownePlace Suites trusts to relocate and store their culinary appliances. Whether the Marriott-owned hotel chain needs to clear some space in the kitchen for a renovation or remove old appliances and liquidate them, our experts are called upon to handle the job. Through our advanced hotel logistics offerings, we’ve helped the TownePlace Suites locations in San Jose and Sunnyvale upgrade their facilities so they can continue to provide their guests with quality hospitality. 

What We Do

We’ve done a lot of work with these TownePlace suites locations, handling their San Jose kitchen equipment warehousing needs. Our experts effectively show up on the scene, ready to haul heavy appliances and effectively store them until they’re needed. They first go into the kitchen to evaluate what they’ll be relocating so they have a better understanding of what will be necessary to complete the job. After that, they converse with the hotel managers and work with them to devise a plan.

If requested, we create custom crates to protect any items while in transit. Once all of the equipment is ready to go, our Sunnyvale hotel logistics professionals load it onto our state-of-the-art trucks using a mechanized lift. From there, all items are securely strapped down to prevent them from sliding around and crashing into each other during the drive. Once we arrive at our warehouse or other desired destination, we safely unload each appliance and carry on with the next steps.

Sometimes the job calls for storage of these bulky appliances in our 10,000-sq.-ft. warehouse. If that’s the case, we organize each item through inventory management. Using our effective system, we make it easy to find each piece of equipment when the time comes to replace it back in the kitchen. Our San Jose hospitality logistics professionals then seamlessly transport the items back to hotel and place them in the kitchen based off the specifications of the management.

We Can Do The Same For You!

Although a job like this would be difficult for most ordinary moving companies, it’s routine for our Sunnyvale hotel equipment movers. If you have a job of a similar nature and need trustworthy moving professionals, Piedmont Moving Systems would be happy to help. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out our online form to receive your free quote and get started today! 

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