San Jose Movers are always looking for new ways to create lasting business relationships. One way is to partner with a university such as Stanford University in California. This is a well known Ivy League school that happens to also be on the national level in regards to sports. When Stanford needed some help with moving some office related items, Piedmont was there in a flash!

This will be on ongoing relationship with Stanford and their business department. We will continue to move office items and stations as they are need to be moved. Movers in San Jose would love to have an ongoing relationship such as this one, and piedmont is lucky to have it! Piedmont has been moving desks, chairs, computers, tables, fax machines and much more form one building to another.

If you are in need of the services from San Jose moving company, Piedmont Moving Systems, contact us on our website. You can also come get your FREE moving and storage quote to get you started.

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