When you’re dealing with distributed supply chains, a global customer base, and multiple company locations, every detail counts. Even a small delay or hiccup in your operations can create a chain reaction that costs your business significant time and money.

That’s why it pays to leave your logistics to the pros!

At Piedmont Moving Systems, we have more than 35 years of experience in end-to-end logistics management—including local commercial storage in Sunnyvale as well as warehousing and distribution all around the globe. As a UniGroup Logistics agent, our network goes wherever your business goes!

Commercial Storage

Although there are many providers of commercial storage in Sunnyvale, many of these companies offer little more than empty space. Piedmont does more!

Our warehousing solutions are built with your company’s complex logistics needs in mind, with options for conventional warehousing and flexible storage for rapid distribution. At any point of your supply or distribution chain, we can provide:

  • Open Racking or Vaulted Storage
  • Short- or Long-Term Contracts
  • Online Inventory Management
  • Seamless Shipping and Distribution Services

Inventory Management

As part of our Sunnyvale warehousing solutions, you’ll have access to Piedmont’s signature inventory management system. This comprehensive tracking system includes your own dedicated website and real-time access from any internet-connected device.

Use our inventory management system to:

  • Barcode and Track Products
  • Create and Manage POs
  • Run Advanced Reports
  • Inventory Parts and Products
  • Check Date/Time Stamps
  • Create Customs Forms
  • Schedule Shipping
  • And More!

Equipment Auction Services

If your business is relocating or closing a facility, you not only have to worry about what you’re moving; you also have to worry about what you aren’t! Rather than deal with the sale or disposal of your unwanted items alone, let us host an equipment auction for you.

Our Sunnyvale equipment auctions can help you recoup value you’d otherwise lose. We’ll clean and prepare your items for sale, warehouse them, crate them for worldwide high-value transport, and then dispose of anything that’s left over. You’ll get a financial boost without the work!

Industry Solutions

As Sunnyvale’s UniGroup-certified logistics company, Piedmont Moving is capable of meeting the logistics needs of any industry:

  • High-Tech Logistics: Many of Silicon Valley’s biggest names count on us for efficient, damage-free shipping and warehousing of the most sensitive technology.
  • Health Care Logistics: From large-scale hospital moves to specialized shipping for lab equipment, we can carefully move or warehouse anything.
  • Telecommunications Logistics: Your business relies on its telecommunication systems, and we’ll make sure every last item arrives exactly on schedule.
  • Leased Equipment Logistics: Don’t pay for damage incurred in transit! We’ll carefully protect your leased equipment so that you don’t see extra fees upon delivery.
  • Industrial Logistics: Sunnyvale manufacturers trust our air-ride, liftgate-enabled fleet to move large machinery without damage.
  • Hospitality Logistics: From individual hotel moving to FF&E roll-out nationwide, we offer full-service logistics for the biggest hospitality groups.
  • Retail Logistics: Store your inventory at our distributed warehouses for rapid shipping to all of your locations.
  • Office Equipment Logistics: From modular furniture to large printers, we’ll use our inventory management system to keep your office equipment organized in transit or in storage.
  • Intermodal Logistics: We work with multi-channel shipping methods for the most efficient combinations of air, ground, and sea transport.

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