Businesses run on logistics. For your business to be at its best, you need a warehousing and distribution partner that you can rely on. Piedmont Moving Systems has the experience, equipment, and work ethic to have your back on any commercial storage challenge.

We’re a comprehensive logistics company that excels in inventory management, custom high-value transport, and industry-specific solutions. We’re the partner you need when you need a team that works smarter and harder!

Complete Commercial Storage Solutions

Whether you’re growing, rightsizing, or relocating, Piedmont Moving Systems has your back. Our warehouse facilities are protected from fire by sprinkler systems and theft by 24/7 surveillance. We can provide thousands of square feet of vaulted storage or rack space to suit your unique needs. Whatever the challenge, we’ve got the warehousing solutions.

Inventory Management with Insight

Having crews of highly-trained movers and acres of customizable storage solutions is only part of the equation. When you combine them with our innovative inventory management system, you get a partnership with an inventory company that knows how to deliver.

Expedited Equipment Auction Services

Piedmont Moving Systems knows equipment auctions from start-to-finish. Let us help you prepare for your auction by moving, storing, cleaning, and prepping the items. We can also assist with staging the items for viewing and bidding. When they’ve been auctioned, we can take care of packaging and crating as well as delivery.

Intelligent Industry Solutions

You wouldn’t go to a call center to purchase steaks for dinner, so why work with a logistics company that treats a processing plant the same way they treat a client in the tech sector? We spent decades working with partners in every major industry to gain the industry-specific knowledge and expertise you deserve.

  • High-Tech Logistics: Whether it’s a small office or a data farm, we have the training and the experience to make sure your data and your hardware receive the treatment they deserve.
  • Health Care Logistics: The machines are expensive and irreplaceable, the records and documents are sensitive—we work with the health care industry on a regular basis, so we know what it takes to exceed expectations.
  • Telecommunications Logistics: We’re the first choice in the telecommunications industry. When it comes to warehousing and transportation, all you’ve got to do is let us know what you need.
  • Leased Equipment Logistics: Handling the warehousing, storage, and transfer of leased equipment can get overwhelming. Let our experts put their experience and resources to work for you.
  • Industrial Logistics: Our crews have the experience, the equipment, and the can-do attitude to tackle and heavy-duty industrial equipment. Let them take care of your transport challenges.
  • Hospitality Logistics: We work with the hospitality industry to assist them with everything from furniture and linens to HVAC equipment. We can design a solution that will work for you.
  • Retail Logistics: From the back office to the racks and display cases that will hold your merchandise, we’re ready to make your retail logistics projects happen.
  • Office Equipment: We have the experience and equipment to handle modular furniture, computers, file cabinets, and other office staples with efficiency.
  • Intermodal: When your logistics goals require more than one mode of transport, Piedmont Moving Systems can coordinate the project and keep you informed.

Grab a Quote from the Preferred Mountain View Warehousing and Storage Company

Call today, or fill out our questionnaire, to receive a no-cost, no-obligation estimate on your logistics project. Piedmont Moving Systems is ready to assist you with a customized solution that matches the exact needs of your Mountain View warehousing and storage demands.