If moving equipment and commodities is part of what makes your business run, then you know the importance of having a warehousing and distribution partner you can count on. Piedmont Moving Systems isn’t just the hardest working team in the logistics industry, we back that up with the knowledge, equipment, customer service, and industry-specific experience you need.

If you want a logistics company that can handle high-value transport and commercial storage—we’ve got everything you need.

Comprehensive Commercial Storage

Whether you need to store items as part of a relocation or as part of your distribution process, Piedmont Moving Systems has you covered. We have thousands of square feet of rack space or vaulted storage in our secure facilities. They’re protected against fire and theft by sprinklers and 24/7 surveillance. If you need commercial storage, we’ve got your warehousing solutions.

Intelligent Inventory Management

When you combine our expert material handlers and movers with our state-of-the-art storage spaces, you get a superior solution. Add to that our innovative inventory management system and you’ve got an inventory company that brings a lot of value to your partnership.

Exceptional Equipment Auction Services

Piedmont Moving Systems provides start-to-finish assistance with equipment auctions. As you prepare, we can handle storage, staging, cleaning and prepping the items. We can re-stage items for viewing and bidding. Once auctioned we can handle packaging, crating, and delivery.

Insightful Industry Solutions

Every industry presents unique logistical challenges. We have partnered with all of the major industries in the region to gain important knowledge and hands on experience.

  • High Tech Logistics: Whether your business runs off of a few computers and a server or relies on an entire data center, our trained and experienced crews know how to handle sensitive technology.
  • Health Care Logistics: MRIs and X-Ray machines a multi-million-dollar investments that your facility depends on every day. Whether you’re moving them between locations or just between floors within your facility, our team can make the move stress-free.
  • Telecommunications Logistics: We work with the telecom industry on a regular basis to handle all of their warehousing and transportation needs. Just let us know what you need!
  • Leased Equipment Logistics: There’s no need to trouble over warehousing, storage, or transfer of leased equipment. Our experts have the experience and resources to make everything fall into place.
  • Industrial Logistics: When it comes to heavy-duty industrial equipment, you’ll want to work with a team who’s seen it all before. Our crews have the training and the equipment to manage any challenge.
  • Hospitality Logistics: From the furniture in the lobby to the HVAC equipment that keeps your guests comfortable, we can help you transport it or warehouse it. Let us design a solution that works for you.
  • Retail Logistics: From shelves and display cases to merchandise and records, we can make any retail relocation a success.
  • Office Equipment: We are experts when it comes to modular furniture, computers, file cabinets, and other staples of business offices.
  • Intermodal: Let Piedmont Moving Systems coordinate for you whenever you need more than one mode of transportation to accomplish your logistics goals.

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