In 1981, four men lead by the father and son team of Ray and David Bartels formed Piedmont Moving Systems. Drawing on their previous industry experience the partners started small with two trucks and a plan. By December 1982, Piedmont had become the newest agent for Mayflower Transit. Originally, Piedmont focused on moving household goods for residential customers and high-value electronics transportation. Silicon Valley was just starting to become known as a hub for technology and innovation and Piedmont was there since the beginning.

The Next Ten Years

The next 10 years were a dynamic time for Piedmont Moving Systems. David Bartels would buy out his partners and become the sole owner. Renee Bartels joined the company and became the most successful salesperson for all of Mayflower and Tabatha (Bartels) Beltramo would join the company as a teenager learning the business from the warehouse floor. The entire time, the Bartels focused on building strong relationships within the Mayflower Transit network. Recently David Bartels was quoted as saying:

“Mayflower Transit was instrumental to our growth and success.”​

Let's Take a Look at Today

Today, Piedmont is led by Tabatha Beltramo and Mark Beltramo. Their organization is solely focused on the safe transportation and warehousing of high-value products and with the help of great employees and great customers, Piedmont Moving Systems continues to be a well-known agency in Silicon Valley. Relying on the network of Mayflower Transit and UniGroup Logistics to provide quality service is a key ingredient to Piedmont’s current success. Piedmont also strives to be the preferred and trusted partner for other UniGroup agents here in the Bay Area.

As we celebrate 40 years as an agent for Mayflower Transit, we are thankful for our affiliation with Mayflower, United, and all of UniGroup. We are especially thankful for the friendships and professional relationships over the years.