At Piedmont Moving Systems, we have been a reliable San Jose logistics company since 1981, with an unbeatable reputation for delivering quality and customer-oriented transportation services. Over the years, we have worked with different non-profit organizations and businesses in San Jose and all over the country. 

We value industry recognition, but the most important thing to us is giving back to the community; that’s why we are excited to donate 50k to benefit ALS and CityTeam. We are committed to putting smiles on people’s faces and making impactful moves, which fosters happiness and togetherness within families and communities at large.

What Is the San Jose CityTeam About?

CityTeam is a non-profit organization where everyone plays an important role in giving out to the needy by caring for their immediate needs and enabling lasting solutions. Their programs across the United States include offering help and hope to the less privileged in need of hot meals, groceries, housing, and recovery programs. Each city has a customized program to meet its specific needs. CityTeam helps to restore life and rebuild communities.

How Did Piedmont Moving Systems Contribute?

It is hard to imagine that people are living without food and shelter, and our collaboration with ALS and CityTeam is an innovative way to render basic needs to the most vulnerable residents who struggle with daily needs in San Jose.

The pandemic, which brought about the lockdown of cities and countries undeniably, had an unprecedented effect on people, and this donation has been utilized for many causes throughout the year. This has improved the lifestyle of the less privileged. The core values of making an impact are about realizing we are one and can do a lot more together. The past year and its reality didn’t spare anyone irrespective of their age and condition. It has indeed taught us that whether young or old, single or engaged, we needed to take responsibility for one another by ensuring we stay safe.

Our donations catered in a special way for nursing mothers who had to take care of their babies, 12,540 infant diapers were given to different nursing mothers. 6,233 groceries and fresh produce shared, about 185,194 hot meals were served, and 4,000 backpacks with school supplies given out to students.

In the spirit of the season, 5000 Christmas toys were provided for children, which surely brought smiles to their faces. Giving back to the community is a value we take seriously, and we are happy to have such an impactful way to do so.