Staging is an essential part of renting or selling apartments. The owner or manager makes the home looked lived-in so potential residents can envision their own daily lives unfolding in the space. 

But how do you complete a staging project from nearly 1,700 miles away? 

That was the challenge that was presented when owners of an apartment in California hired an award-winning design and architecture firm from Texas. The design firm, Thiel & Thiel, had to order, receive, and inspect all the furniture, art work, draperies, and accessories, and fully stage the apartment, which is difficult to do in California when you’re in Texas. 

Enter the services of Piedmont Moving Systems. Our family-owned business is much more than a moving company; we are also a logistics company that can handle warehousing, receiving, and much more. We happily took this challenge, and we knew we’d be able to deliver on all the services required. 

Thiel & Thiel was able to order all of the elements they needed and had them sent right to our warehouse. We received and inspected the freight and provided inside storage in our secure facilities. Thiel & Thiel received detailed reports, so they would know everything was on track for an on-time completion. We even sent inventory spreadsheets detailing every item we received.

When delivery day arrived, we sent a 3-man crew to the apartment in an air ride truck equipped with a liftgate. Our team unloaded everything, unboxed all the products, staged the apartment according to directives from Thiel & Thiel, and removed all debris.

While the furniture mover was setting things in place, others were busy hanging artwork, steaming bedding, and taking care of every detail. Within two days, the apartment was beautifully staged and ready to show. 

THAT’S how you complete a staging project from nearly 1,700 miles away. You call Piedmont Moving Systems. 

Do you need a hotel mover or have a staging, design, or any other project for which the logistics pose a challenge? We’ll provide the same impressive service for you as we did for Thiel & Thiel. Our team can make light work of even the most complicated logistics scenarios. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services. Call Piedmont Moving Systems, or fill out our simple online form to schedule a consultation. 

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