Transporting Million Dollar Robots

If you’ve got sensitive, high-value equipment to transfer, don’t trust just any movers with your specialized moving needs. At Piedmont Moving Systems, we have the tools, equipment, and experience to be your trusted hospital movers. Don’t just take our word for it, however – we’ve got the customer experience to prove that we can handle your healthcare logistics needs.

For many years, we’ve worked with one satisfied customer, transferring Intuitive Surgical Davinci Machines valued at one million dollars, all across the country. These machines are used in hospitals all across the nation to perform heart transplant surgeries, and it’s vital that they make their destinations intact – not only for the profitability of our customer’s business, but also for the lives of patients waiting to undergo surgery.

Utilizing our high value transport services and our health care logistics solutions, our expert team of movers transport these million-dollar robots in secured crates on our air-ride trucks, ensuring that each machine is transferred as smoothly and safely as possible. These trucks depart from our secure warehouse and are distributed to hospitals all across the country.

Once the truck has arrived at its hospital destination, our trained truck driver and a professional moving assistant meet with the hospital’s tech installer to move and uncrate the robot in the location within the hospital where the machine will be used. Our movers then remove the leftover packing and crating debris and dispose of it, so that the hospital is able to hook up the robot and begin utilizing it as soon as possible.

When the hospital in question has an old machine they will no longer be using, we also pack this machine up and return it back to our warehouse to be refurbished by our customer’s company, so that the robot may be leased out to another hospital.

So trust Piedmont to safely and securely transfer your high-value, delicate equipment. Call Mark today (408) 520-9925 to discuss your specific needs. We understand the important, life-saving work your business equipment is capable of, and we have the experience to ensure it gets where it needs to be in order to save lives. 

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