Piedmont Moving Systems to the Rescue - A Moving Project Story

When it comes to finding a professional mover, it’s as easy as choosing the first company that pops up on a search online.

That’s definitely not the case, as one apartment complex in Sunnyvale, CA found out the hard way.

The truth is, some companies are better equipped to handle small moves. Some are better at international moves, while others are best equipped to deal with large commercial moving and storage projects.

Some companies will say they can handle it all, but if you want your commercial move to go smoothly, you have to hire a company that focuses on providing comprehensive commercial services. That’s exactly what we do here at Piedmont Moving Systems.

It’s important to hire the right crew from the very beginning, as the following story illustrates.

Getting the Job Done Right

Unfortunately, the apartment complex mentioned earlier mistakenly hired the wrong mover for their apartment renovation project. Instead of making the process easier from start to finish, things were left behind.

They forgot to transport certain items. They also used permanent marker to hang pictures back on the wall. Those walls then had to be completely redone because the marker couldn’t be removed.

At Piedmont Moving Systems, no detail is spared to ensure our clients get the outstanding customer service they deserve. After the first moving company let them down, they hired us for the job. That meant providing them with a slew of unbeatable services that included:

  • Delivery of items to our public warehouse
  • Meticulous inventory of each and every item
  • Skilled loading of items to be delivered
  • Timely delivery to the Sunnyvale location
  • Professional unpacking of chairs, sofas, stools, tables, lamps, and more
  • Proper placement of each and every item, including professional hanging of artwork

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We offer comprehensive commercial moving services at Piedmont Moving Systems, and we do it right the first time. That means we can assist you with a server relocation, hotel logistics, apartment complex remodels, and more.

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