Solving the Public Warehouse Challenge

Moving services are not solely for packing up and transporting. If you need assistance with your container storage imports, be sure to check out Piedmont Moving Systems’ impeccable warehouse management system. We’ve got the experience and professionalism to make your public warehouse experience an absolute breeze, and we’ve got the customer stories to prove it.

A while back, Mark received a phone call from a high-end home furnishings importer struggling with their current warehouse. The warehouse staff did not seem to be able to meet the needs of the import schedule and kept missing load times for items. When the business owners called to address the issue, the warehouse didn’t provide the customer service these owners wanted, so they called upon Piedmont to see what we could do for them. And what we could do wound up being quite a lot.

As this business’s new warehouse, we receive calls directly from the ocean container company importing their items to our customer service coordinator, who then schedules the container delivery to our warehouse. We then schedule a trained moving crew to be available the day the container comes in, for unloading and itemization.

Each item is logged and verified with the customer’s inventory list to make sure nothing is missing or wrong. If there is a discrepancy, our crew will call the customer to receive instruction on next steps.  Every item is also inspected for damage, and if damage is found, the customer is again contacted.

Each item is then logged into our inventory system and tagged under the customer’s name so that nothing is overlooked or lost.

When the customers want to pull items for delivery, they then simply go into our inventory website –specifically customized for them – and select the items that need pulled. That list is immediately sent to our warehouse where our professional staff will pull the items and create an order for the shipment to be picked up from our docks.

We do this 2-3 times a week for this particular customer.

Call Mark to Discuss Your Needs

If this sounds like the type of services your business needs, find further information to read about our professional public warehouse services online, or do what this particular customer did and call Mark to discuss your business’s specific needs and find out how we can help.