To stay at a five-star hotel in a world-class city is undoubtedly a treat. Whether you’re there for business or pleasure, you can take full advantage of the many high-end luxuries, from soaking in the whirlpool spa to lounging on the plush sofa and taking in the stunning views. But have you ever thought about how all of those elegant furnishings managed to get there?

For one luxury hotel in Paris, the answer was UniGroup Logistics.

Hotel Logistics

The Objective

When this French hotel needed a global logistics expert to manage all of their hotel moving needs during a 13-phase, three-year renovation, they turned to the leading expertise of UniGroup Logistics. The hotel needed a professional network they could trust with all aspects of their renovation, including international logistics and supply chain management. With over 50 years of unmatched experience in distribution, warehousing, and delivery around the world, UniGroup Logistics was the perfect choice.

UniGroup Logistics staff was tasked with managing critical steps in the hotel’s supply chain, including both origin and destination services:

  • Purchase order (PO) management
  • Electronic data exchange
  • International transport of FF&E and OS&E
  • Warehouse transport and storage in Paris
  • Placement of furniture inside the hotel
  • Clean up and removal of packing debris

Overcoming the Odds

Even for such an experienced hospitality logistics company, this hotel project presented some unique challenges to overcome. Because the renovation was divided into three phases, successful implementation would require careful timing of each phase’s purchasing, delivery, storage, and installation.

The project also called for deep knowledge of global logistics and international supply chain management, especially to manage complex textile imports and exports and to accurately complete customs clearance documentation.

To make the renovation still more complex, each phase included non-standard floor plans and different color schemes—meaning that the hotel moving crew would have to pay close attention to the transport and installation of furniture, fixtures, and other equipment. And because the hotel continued to host guests throughout the renovation, movers had to unload, install, and clean up debris from heavy, bulky furniture and equipment without making a mess, being noisy, or bothering paying guests in any way.

Mission Complete!

Despite the many potential obstacles at every step of this hospitality logistics project, the three-phase renovation was completed on schedule, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Through its seamless global network, UniGroup Logistics was able to consistently impress hotel management with detailed shipment tracking, daily updates, and meticulous inventory counts.

By handling the hotel moving from start to finish, UniGroup Logistics allowed hotel management to focus all of their energy on providing a luxury experience for their guests.

We Can Do the Same for You!

As a dedicated partner for UniGroup Logistics, we at Piedmont Moving Systems were thrilled with the results of this Paris hotel renovation. The success of this project embodies the goal of our own hotel logistics and global transportation services departments: to provide end-to-end hospitality logistics services that take the worry out of complex international relocations.

We’re proud of our partners for their work with this Paris hotel—but we know that it’s just one example of the exceptional hospitality logistics management services that Piedmont Moving Systems is equipped to provide with the support of UniGroup Logistics.

If you’re in need of trusted hospitality logistics experts, give us a call today! We’ve been providing comprehensive hotel moving services since 1981, and no hotel relocation is too big, small, near, or far for our skilled team. Whether you’re moving a single boutique hotel across town or a large chain of hotels around the world, we’d love to discuss how Piedmont Moving Systems can tackle your biggest hotel moving challenges.

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