Super Football Sunday may have already come and gone, but Piedmont Moving Systems is just getting started in offering comprehensive, cost-effective warehousing and logistics solutions for clients in the San Jose area – Levis Stadium included. Just how was Piedmont involved in Super Football Sunday?

Comprehensive Warehousing

Our team was able to provide ideal storage and warehousing in our facilities for the staff of the big game. After we received more than 400 cartons of clothing in preparation for the game, we were able to have the cartons checked in directly by the warehouse staff and immediately stored in a caged area with higher security. Because of this, the client could rest easy knowing that their merchandise was completely protected and ready for the big game.

As the date of the game came closer, Piedmont helped the client and their crew find the space to sort shirts by providing plenty of tables and room to get organized. Having a 10,000 square foot warehouse facility with room to spread out and get organized is just one of the things that sets us apart.

All-Inclusive Logistics Services

With the help of UniGroup Logistics, we have access to all the top-quality equipment, technology and support to safely transport virtually any number, size and type of item to their new destinations. And if you need storage solutions during the transition, we offer those, too! Our 10,000 square foot warehouse keeps all your raw and finished materials safe, secure and managed for as long as you need.

Our team will work with you to find the perfect personalized logistics solutions to meet your exact needs; whether it’s for a huge event at Levi Stadium or not!

While you might not need to store over 400 cartons of anything, using Piedmont for both your moving and storage needs ensures that the process is easy, less time-consuming, and higher quality. To learn more about how Piedmont Moving Systems can help you, contact us today for a free quote.