For over a century Firestone has provided vehicles around the world with high quality tires. From Formula One racing to affordable everyday use for the regular American, the company has had a long history of meeting the various needs of the people. Recently, Piedmont Moving Systems has helped return the favor by providing services to the tire manufacturing giant to suit their various moving and storage needs.

Our moving experts have provided Campbell and Saratoga warehousing options for several Firestone locations, moving thousands of tires efficiently and effectively. Not only have we coordinated warehousing and logistics for Firestone, we’ve also managed inventory and transportation of new racking as well. Firestone prides itself on its products’ reliability, just as at Piedmont Moving Systems we proudly offer dependable world-class Campbell and Saratoga logistics services.

Whether you’re a small company needing assistance with merchandising logistics or a large corporation requiring a warehousing overhaul, Piedmont Moving Systems is here to help. Our Campbell and Saratoga area moving and storage company has the longstanding credibility, years of experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to handle warehousing logistics operations small and large. Call us to speak to a friendly representative and learn more about our services, or fill out our quick quote online form for a free estimate today!