As an established moving company in San Jose, Piedmont Moving Systems has worked with thousands of commercial and residential customers – providing comprehensive service and support in and around the San Jose area.

Because of our experience throughout Central California, we’re always being asked about the benefits of living in San Jose. The answer is almost always the same: The weather is amazing.

Why do we answer this way? Because whatever’s going on in your life, the beautiful weather in sunny San Jose will likely make you feel better. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, the average temperate in San Jose in the last year was 80 degrees F. The hottest month of the last twelve was July, when the average daily temperature was a comfortable and pleasant 79 degrees F.

What beats that?

With its pleasant weather and sunny conditions, San Jose is also a breeze to move in and out of. Without any snow, ice and cold gusts of wind to make the process uncomfortable and downright dangerous, our San Jose moving company will have the job completed safely and quickly – guaranteed!

If you’re moving to San Jose or around the area, call the pros at Piedmont Moving Systems. We’ll make it a point to provide you with only the most comprehensive service and support possible. At Piedmont, we wouldn’t have it any other way!