San Jose Movers will wear all different types of hats for many different jobs. On day a mover may be doing your everyday normal residential move, and the next you could be doing high profile relocation for a major corporation. We have to be prepared for anything that can be thrown our way. That is why when a customer asked us to store an item he bought at an auction, we said no problem.

This item was going to be picked up at a later date when it is supplied by the customer. This type of situation created a short time storage solution with last mile delivery added onto the job. This size move is perfect for Piedmont Moving Systems. This will not take up too many of our professional movers, as well as only one truck to move this item.

We are always willing to take a look at your specific move or storage situation. That is why we offer FREE moving and storage quote to all of our customers! Don’t Delay, Get your quote today!

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