Google may be the most widely used search engine, but at its core is not the algorithms.  It’s the people behind Google.  On Jan. 19, Google was named by Fortune as the best place to work in America.  The San Jose moving companies would like to congratulate Google on this massive achievement.

Google takes care of its employees with flashy perks and excellent benefit packages.  Usually, you get one without the other or neither at all.  Free food, 18-week maternity leaves at 100 percent pay and a fleet of electric Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs are available for lunchtime errands.

Not only does Google take care of its own employees, but with the advancement in search engine optimization, small local companies can now increase its business visibility.  The San Jose movers think Google has done a phenomenal job in breeding creativity in a positive work environment.

What incentives do you receive at work and which do you think is better perks or benefit packages?

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