When you are searching for a safe and affordable space to keep your belongings in, consider reaching out to Piedmont Moving Systems. We may be a moving company, but also offer top-notch San Mateo storage services.

Since 1981, we’ve helped customers manage their moving and storage needs, no matter what they are relocating. Our team can provide storage as part of a move or separately for your items that just need to be someplace else.

Storage and Warehousing in San Mateo

Piedmont Moving Systems can help customers with residential or commercial storage needs. We have a large storage facility with vaulted storage and open racking space for all kinds of items. Plus, our facilities are secured with fire and theft systems and boast 24-hour camera surveillance.

We’ll also be able to keep a close eye on your goods in our storage facilities. All of your belongings are cataloged within our inventory management system when first delivered to the warehouse.

Further, you can count on us for a variety of specialized storage services, including:

  • Residential Storage: Our residential movers can pick up your belongings and bring them to the warehouse for storage during a move or when you need seasonal storage.
  • Commercial Storage: Let our commercial, retail, and hotel movers bring your equipment and furniture to the warehouse for temporary storage or long-term offsite storage.
  • Warehousing Services: We can also help you with warehousing of assets and high-value equipment. Allow our lab equipment and technology movers to secure and transport your items to and from our facilities.

For an Exact Storage Estimate in San Mateo

Our San Mateo storage company is the ideal place to keep your goods until you are ready for them at home or the office. We have the equipment and space to store items of all types from hotel furniture to computers and household goods. Allow Piedmont Moving Systems to provide you with a free estimate for storage today. Just give us a call or fill out our online form right away.